What Makes Wine Premium

What differentiates premium wine from the common place variety in Quality? In this article, we will delve into why quality is a defining factor in determining whether or not something is considered top-notch calibre and how it affects the taste of our favourite wines.

Premium Wine Vs Regular Wine

To maximize profit while still providing the consumer with quality, cost-saving wines, winemakers turn to economies of scale – often producing large volumes of wine. However, running a vineyard and maintaining winemaking equipment is incredibly expensive; thus, producers must try to recoup costs within their production process by quickly distributing their product in high numbers - possibly even utilizing automated machinery or chemicals for expedience.

On the contrary, winemakers who specialize in crafting superior wines usually favour manual labour over automation and shun chemical alterations. Furthermore, some laws mandate such approaches within "appellations" or "controlled denominations of origin".

It is why a premium cellar with similar dimensions to its high-volume vineyard counterparts will generate fewer yields and consequently have higher bottle prices that accommodate their costs.

Wine Qualities That Make It Premium

When determining the quality of a wine, there are several elements to consider:


Premium wine produces a compelling and intense aroma that will fill your space. The perfect blend of ingredients creates this remarkable fragrance, making it easy to identify if the bottle is high-end or not simply by its smell.

The aroma of a low-quality wine is nothing special; it's similar to other weak alcoholic drinks that do not possess an inviting fragrance.


How long does the flavour linger? The longer the taste of wine lingers in your mouth, the better its quality will be. On the other hand, lower-grade wines have a much shorter shelf life on your tastebuds and won't leave an unforgettable finish.


How distinctive is this wine? Does it come from a particular area or country, or can you find it elsewhere? In short, the less frequent and remarkable the wine is, the higher its price tag will be.


Wine is a complex symphony of tannin, alcohol, acidity and sugar that require precise harmony to be pleasing. As a result, low-priced wines may have overpowering flavours, making them unpleasant or difficult to drink. However, top-tier wines are crafted with just the proper ratio, making them balanced and enjoyable!


Crafting the world's finest wines is a complex process, typically featuring an array of flavours. Some unconventional ingredients like stones, mushrooms or baking spices are often included for added complexity.

Richly flavoured, premium wines often contain contrasting elements that tantalize the senses - from its nose to its finish, each sip can be an entirely different experience.

Premium Wine Processes

With the ever-growing discussion of premium wine, particularly its cost, it's essential to comprehend what sets a top-quality bottle apart from an inexpensive one. Unfortunately, no formal classification or selected criteria can identify these wines.

However, only some things come down to price - several indicators allow you to distinguish between a high-quality and inferior wine.


Regarding lower quality or discounted wines, grapes are usually harvested via machine. The harvesters use the shaking principle with rubber and other materials that move through the rows of vines, violently loosening clusters in their wake.

These self-propelled work machines can collect an astonishing amount of grapes quickly and efficiently. If a vineyard relies on machine harvesting, it can deteriorate its vines, fruits and soil; leaves and other unwanted plant parts will contaminate the grapes.

Machine-harvested grapes often have an abnormally high concentration of irrelevant materials, such as bark, canes, leaves and petioles. If not removed, this material may eventually make it's way into the processed wine and ultimately have a negative impact on overall quality.

Hand-picking is an ideal alternative – a human selects only the most exceptional grapes with meticulous care so that each grapevine remains unscathed. As you can expect, harvesting grapes by an experienced team of professionals is costly.

It is one of the main reasons premium wine carries a steeper price tag.

Wine Presses

The harvest for premium wines must be done with a delicate touch, but pressing the grapes is essential to produce a world-class wine surpassing lower quality ones. To produce the highest quality juice, no pressure is utilized when pressing premium grapes to obtain what's known as "Free Run" liquid.

This first press accepts juices not contaminated by bitter substances such as skin, seeds and stalks.

Aging Processes in Wine

Producing wine is time-consuming, so the product will not hit store shelves for a while. However, it could cause trouble for winemakers, who might face issues with their harvest caused by problems during ripening or fluctuations in market prices, decreasing revenue.

The maturation of some wines can span multiple years and is a fundamental difference between expensive and cheap wines. Bulk wine products are often hurried through the fermentation process using stainless steel vats as vessels; however, wooden barrels are not even considered for such inexpensive selections.

These wines are usually high calibre, yet it would be difficult to designate them as "premium" quality.

Winery and Reputation

From time to time, premium wine is judged and celebrated based on the esteemed reputation of its winery. This opinion-based trait plays a critical role in assessing fine wines – after all, the honourable heritage and revered tradition of quality winemaking are unequivocally influential factors.

Wine lovers take great pride in discovering high-quality, budget-friendly bottles that don't necessarily come with the hefty price tag of a prestigious winery.

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A bottle of premium wine is an experience every wine connoisseur should savour. The quality and complexity of these beverages are unmatched, as they are crafted with immense care following traditional methods.

From harvesting grapes to aging the final product, you can expect a luxurious sip from each drop of your favourite premium wines. There is a difference between an economical wine and one crafted with care.

Quality premium wines are marked by their exceptional attention to detail, from harvesting to pressing and aging. Investing in a fancy bottle of wine only sometimes guarantees an exquisite taste.

On the other hand, you could stumble upon a hidden gem crafted by a budding vintner that leaves more established labels in the dust. We recommend consulting with your neighbourhood wine connoisseur to discover the perfect bouquet that satisfies your taste buds.

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