Barossa Valley Wines

The Barossa Valley wine region is arguably now as famous as Napa Valley or Bordeaux.  When someone mentions ‘Barossa Valley Shiraz’ one instantly imagines the iconic taste of this full-bodied red wine, rich and chocolatey in flavour, overlaid with warm, spicy notes. Home to the world’s oldest, continually producing Shiraz, as well as Cabernet Sauvignon, and Grenache amongst others, winemakers focus on sustainability and environmental protection. 

Barossa encompasses two sub-regions, the Barossa Valley and Eden Valley, which produce recognizably different styles of wine. It’s one of the only wine regions in the country to have neighbouring warm and cool climates, offering highly diverse growing conditions. Although Barossa Valley Shiraz is the mainstay of the valley, Shiraz-Cabernet blends are also popular.

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